Portrait of Tina Steinke Portrait of Tina Steinke

Sustainable Stylist

Say goodbye to fast fashion —
and hello to the joy of creative, stylish, sustainable wear!

Welcome to my website! I’m Tina Steinke, and I’m passionate about secondhand and vintage fashion. I’m here to help you and your wardrobe shine your brightest!

I have an eye for spotting pearls where they’re least expected. Minimalist, colourful, bold, modern, strong, feminine, androgynous, or assertive—I love working with all kinds of styles, most of all yours!

Every piece of your clothing is a valuable part to complete your fashion puzzle. I’m excited to help you put it together!

My Services

Portrait of Tina Steinke

Wardrobe “Deep Dive”

In the comfort of your home, we’ll go through your wardrobe based on your styling goals. I can help you see your clothes with a fresh perspective, find other uses for existing pieces, suggest alterations, or upcycle/sell pieces that don’t match your needs.

What you get:
  • Complimentary pre-visit consultation
  • New and exciting outfit combinations from your existing wardrobe
  • Organising your clothes to better fit your personality and body type
  • Your own style book with photos of your new looks
  • Advice on continued use of your wardrobe
  • Recommendations for possible additions, if needed
Tina in the shop with the orange bag wearing a raincoat

Shop­ping Tour

Do you want to add to your wardrobe in a sustainable way, but don’t know where to start? Let’s take a shopping tour of some of Berlin’s best fair-fashion, second-hand, and vintage boutiques. With my experience and creative eye, I’ll find pieces with the best potential and fit for you.

What you get:
  • Complimentary pre-tour consultation
  • Introduction to some of Berlin’s best sustainable fashion shopping
  • Carefully curated selection to supplement your existing wardrobe
  • Time-saving, stress-free shopping experience
  • 1-to-1 styling advice on-site

and of course:

  • my “pearl-spotting superpower” 🙂
striped skirt

On­li­ne Sty­ling Con­sul­ta­tion

Don’t have much time? Need quick advice? Don’t live in the Berlin area? Or would you like a follow-up for a past styling session? No worries. My experience and creativity are at your service online!

What you get:
  • Complimentary pre-session consultation
  • Online video call session
  • Quick advice on your existing wardrobe or possible purchases
floral white shirt outfit

Sustainable Pro­fessional Out­fit Con­sul­ta­tion

Look your professional best, and do it sustainably! Whether having a chat over coffee, making a pitch, or doing a panel talk, a well-selected outfit radiates confidence and authenticity. Let your wardrobe help empower you - no matter what stage you're on!

What you get:
  • Complimentary pre-visit consultation
  • Developing a unique fashion style matching your professional branding
  • Review of your existing wardrobe, after an in-home styling visit or online styling consultation
  • Advice on outfit combinations that fit you best
  • An emotional and mental boost: look good, feel good!
Tina Steinke at a clothes rail

Wardrobe Or­ga­ni­sing

Chaos in your closet, drawers, or clothes rail? Struggling every morning with what to wear? I’ll help bring order to things. You’ll feel more appreciation, joy, and awareness of what’s possible with your wardrobe.

What you get:
  • Complimentary pre-visit consultation
  • Structured organising of existing wardrobe
  • Creating a sorting system that fits your needs
  • Improved confidence with outfit selection: no more of that “what to wear” feeling!

My Other Services

Styling Subscription

Would you like quick advice with sustainable styling or shopping? Get up to 4 individual brief online sessions with me per month.


Discover Sustainability Hotspots

Join me on a group walking tour of Berlin’s best places to shop sustainably.

3 hrs, €30/person

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of sustainable, creative fashion styling to those you care about!

starts at €35

My Mission

Express your truest self with my individualised, sustainability-based styling advice.
My goal is to make your wardrobe and your self-confidence come alive for you!

Would you like to know more? Then book a free consultation call and let’s talk!




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